Some comments on BTC magazine by advertisers
and beauty & personal care experts

“BTC magazine has been a reliable partner of HPCI India from the start and has supported the event to become the number 1 showcase for the related industry in India"

— Robert Fischer, Director, HPCI India (Home and Personal Care Ingredients Exhibition and Conference)

“BTC magazine gives you insights on the views of who’s who of the Indian cosmetic industry. It also gives you updated information on new products that are being launched in the Indian market. The advertisements featuring in the magazine cover most of the reputed suppliers"

— Sanjay Mehra, Director, Naturis Cosmetics

“BTC is a very good magazine which helps people to understand the most relevant updates on cosmetic industry and ingredients suppliers in India"

— Sherluck JOHN, Head of Asian Natural Platform and DIMP Japan & Korea, L’ORÉAL

“BTC magazine is realistic, keeps us connected with suppliers and informed of the current trends in the industry. I trust the information it gives and enjoy the fact that it is a wholesome magazine"

— Simi Ali, Formulation Scientist and Owner, Morwen Group

“We have found that BTC magazine is a good source of information"

— Vijay Haldipur, Director-Technical, Herbs De Olivia

“BTC magazine is a great platform for all the stake holders."

— Piyush Shah, Director, Aurochem Laboratories

“BTC Magazine is good for R&D and is very informative"

— Dr. S. Adhikari, Former Head-R&D and QC,
, Bajaj Corp Limited

“We regularly refer to BTC magazine. It is a good source of information about raw materials and suppliers."

— Mamta Joshi, Former R&D Manager, Unijules Life Sciences

“BTC magazine contains good information"

— Raju Sanghrajka, Vice President-Product Development,
Beauté Innovations

“All contents of past editions of BTC magazine are appreciated"

— Malay Sanghavi, Founder, Hygiene & Personal Care Pvt Ltd

“We are regular readers of BTC magazine. It provides a lot of information about new concepts and updates."

— Dr. G. P. Chamoli, Head-R&D and QC, SBL Pvt. Ltd

“BTC magazine is a complete cosmetics guide. The magazine is really helpful for midsize companies. We gained lots of knowledge”

— Rohit Gupta, Director, Lala Dawasaz (P) Ltd.

“I have been reading BTC magazine ever since it started landing in my Mailbox. The magazine is providing a great service to the cosmetics industry… The articles and interviews are quite good.”

— S. Mukundan, Chief Executive, Concepts 2 Consumer

“BTC magazine has been useful in getting supplier reference”

— Dr. Kavitha P.A., Director, Ojass Biocare (private-labeling)

“BTC is a great magazine. We find essential oils related write-up… with present market study”

— Gopalbhai Ghoghari, Founder, Aloe Plus International

“We find the information on raw material and the latest trends in the industry very useful”

— Sangeeta Kamath, Chief Crafter, S.K Enterprises

“You can trust BTC magazine to deliver eminent information on the latest trends and happenings in the beauty business in India. It covers a broad spectrum of subjects for the readers, all put together in a simplistic format”

— Dr. Roma Thadani, Cosmetic Formulator (U.K.)
Founder & CEO, SPLURGE Cosmetics

“BTC magazine is of great help– it helps us get in touch with suppliers and provides us the information about related exhibitions and the latest trends in the market”

— Purnima Verma, Owner, PADMAY

“BTC magazine is a complete cosmetics guide. The magazine is really helpful for midsize companies. We gained lots of knowledge”

— Rohit Gupta, Director, Lala Dawasaz (P) Ltd.

“BTC magazine is a good source of new ideas along with vendor details”

— Darshana Gandhi, R&D Executive
Lissome Cosmetics Pvt Ltd

“BTC magazine’s detailed information on relevant subjects is great. Also the subject variations are good”

— Chandrakant N.Shah, Former Vice President-Technical,
Anchor Health & Beauty Care

“BTC magazine is a very good source of new ideas along with vendor details”

— Sharad M. Badhe, QA/QC Manager,
Ultra Beauty Care Pvt. Ltd.

“BTC magazine provides relevant information related to cosmetics”

— Ashu Sharma, Director, Floella Cosmocare Pvt Ltd

“BTC magazine provides good technical documents”

— Dr. Sushilkumar Anand Dubal, GM–R&D,
Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd.

“BTC magazine’s market research studies and information on new trends are much appreciated”

— Kirti Bhandarkar, Former Assistant Manager-R&D
and Incharge-Cosmetics, Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust

“BTC magazine is a complete package of information for project consultancy. It carries information about ingredients, fragrances, packaging etc. We refer to it and have complete details of all these things”

— Dr. Sanjay Hirpara, R&D, Formulation & Packaging Consultant, Cosmodeal Consulting Services

“BTC magazine is quite informative and is the best platform to get information about suppliers”

— Deepti Jaiswal, Former Asst. GM-Operations, Apogee

“BTC Magazine is quite informative. Global information is in one place”

— Dr. B.S. Kalakoti, Advisor, Sheetal Herbal

“I thank BTC magazine for bridging communication between formulators and suppliers; it helps us a lot”

— Nitesh Rajput, Product Development Consultant (ECOCERT/COSMOS & USDA Organic products)

“BTC magazine’s unique coverage of Company Profiles, Insights and Market Reports is laudable...provides the information on suppliers, new materials and new launches”

— Vinay Kumar Singh, Chief Research Officer,
Parammount Cosmetics India Limited