Experts Speak

Rahul Kale,
Director, Sadātan Ayurveda

The Indian market has become aware of the ingredients being used.

Rashmi Prithviraj,
Owner, Skinsense-Natural Luxury

The Indian market has always been open to handmade products and the like.

Rupal S. Tyagi,
Director, Aryan Essentials

The potential focus area nowadays is the production and use of natural essential oils.

Satyaki Ghosh, Director,
Consumer Products Division, L'oreal India

We are constantly striving towards creating visionary products designed to create benchmarks in the beauty industry.

Sunita Jaju and Swati Maheshwari,
Directors, Rustic Art

Consumers prefer combination of ingredients suitable for their climatic conditions.

Vinay Kumar Singh,
GM-Technical, Mikasa Cosmetics

Packaging is very important for the success of a product.

Ishween Anand,
Founder, Nyassa

Now the trend is moving to organic and natural products.

Purvi Mehta,
Founder, Beautiful Garden

Good presentation can sell a product once, but only the product quality would have consumers return.

Anuj Seth,
CEO, Aurita Herbals

Many new formulations are being launched by our international suppliers.

Vandana Bhardwaj,
MD, Acolade Care Cosmetics

The Indian beauty salon industry is growing at a very rapid pace.
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