Experts Speak

Amit Mehta,
Founder, Unived

Organic ingredients are not mainstream. The masses demand inexpensive products.

Pavan Kumar Ladha,
MD, Vishal Personal Care

We have R&D set-up and we develop our own formulations.

Dr Roma Thadani,
Founder, Splurge

The consumer today is demanding safer alternatives and is more educated.

Dr. M. Ismaeel Khan,
Director, Eeshha A Personal Care

The boundary between cosmetics and medicine is getting thinner by the day.

Punit Agarwal,
MD, VEMB Retail

With the metrosexual male phasing out today, a more versatile male has arrived.

Dr. Seema Anand,
Founder, Look Beyond

Essential oils in particular have gained a lot of popularity with the advent of so-called New Age.

Crisy Vasan,
Founder, TVAM

A lot of people do not realize how effective, for example, Neem, Henna and Aloevera are.

Dr. Muhammed Majeed,
Founder & Chairman, Sami Labs Limited

The fastest growing cosmetic categories in India are skin care, fragrance and color cosmetics.

Preethi Sukumaran &
Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Founders, KRYA

The fragrance in a product can impact the purchase decisions of consumers.

Salman Bukhari,
MD, Shiseido India

We undertook an intensive skin study to evaluate diverse Indian skin and its requirements.

P. D. Narang,
Group Director, Dabur India

We are managing our business dynamically to ensure that we remain competitive and cost efficient.
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