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Bush Pharmacos offers cosmetic bases

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Bush Pharmacos with the brand name ‘Grace Ready Bases’ offers prefabricated, standardized mixtures of basic ingredients for instantly formulating cosmetic / dermal products in an easy and fast way.

With these stabilized bases, you would not need to formulate a product from scratch. Simply add the recommended proportion of your choice of essence water, herbal extract, colour, fragrances, or other ingredients or a combination of these and your product is ready! It can be done at room temperature by mixing with stick blender or electric mixer.

About Bush Pharmacos Pvt. Ltd.

Bush Pharmacos Pvt. Ltd. has modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the very heart of India. This plant is fully equipped with a quality assurance laboratory and practices the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It has a scientifically designed unit, which has the latest pharmaceutical machinery and equipment for manufacturing, packaging and quality control.

In order to assure optimum quality, all the herbal raw materials are secured from self cultivation and selected regions spread all over India. All this is done under direct supervision of technical experts and we strictly follow the procedures described in the ayurveda texts. This strict adherence to the classical texts has resulted in benefits for millions of patients all over India and abroad.


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